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Let's Talk About Sweatpants

I think there is a misconception about fashion and style. That wearing high fashion, or things that are "trendy" is what deems you fashionable. I wanted to address what fashion really is, and more importantly to this blog, what I think fashion is. While my store carries trendy items, these are items that I believe best express my personality on average. This in itself is what fashion's sole purpose is. Not letting the world tell you who you are, but grabbing clothes by the buttons and forcing your expression upon the world with what you are wearing.

So let's get into sweatpants. It's not only about the fact that you chose to wear sweatpants, but what sweatpants you purchased in the first place. There are many different types of sweatpants: joggers, flair, crop, fitted etc. Some sweatpants are vintage, some are athletic, some are trendy, and some are designer. All of these different types of sweatpants give a different message to the world, and we hope the message that the world reads and perceives is the same as the one we are trying to convey. 

As I sit here in my sweatpants, I wonder, how do I tell the world that I am hard-working, social, dedicated and athletic. How do I tell the world I am kind, caring. Every morning that I wake up I don't always feel athletic and social, sometimes I feel individualistic and feminine. Not everyone expresses themselves through clothing, so I ask, how do you tell the world who you are? What kind of sweatpants do you wear? 

xoxo Jenna

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