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Let's Talk About The Elephant In The Room

Hey lovely ladies, just wanted to stop in and talk about the elephant in the room. We all have that chair that sits in our room and collects days of unwanted clothing until we finally muster up the energy to hang these babies back up and give them new life. Now for guys sometimes this is just a chair to hang their comfy sweatpants until they get home for the day, but most women utilize this chair for all the unwanted options when getting dressed in the morning.

I've seen many memes and people commenting that they wish it wasn't true and they didn't have a chair like the one I'm describing, but let's face it we've all got THE chair. Considering my theory that many women use it for their many trial outfits in the morning I think the concept of the chair can be a very empowering one. For me, when I get dressed in the morning I never settle. You guys will learn that I am huge on vibes, but when it comes to my morning vibe and what I'm wearing, they HAVE to match. If they don't match then my whole day I feel like an inaccurate representation of myself. 

My moods and vibes change daily. Some days I feel classic and girly and other days I feel rocker and chic. I always want my outfit to reflect how I am feeling that day, because this is my biggest expression to the outside world. Growing up people always told me I could wear anything, any style and color and I pull it off. I don't think this is because of my body type or anything to do with the way I look, I think it is the confidence that radiates from within that makes the outfit really sing. If you've never experienced this radiance and don't know what I'm talking about we need to go shopping ASAP. 

Basically I just wanted to let my readers know, to never settle: with your wardrobe, significant other, job, haircut, or with just people in general. Your vibe and essence is crucial to your daily success, if you keep negative people (and clothes) in your life you'll never reach your full potential. Never lower your standards, always raise the bar. When people see a confident woman with a great outfit nobody is going to think about the amount of outfits that got tossed to achieve it. So for the actual chair in your room, my advice is to embrace it to get that to-die-for look. Unless you have people coming over then clean that sh*t up, we have a reputation to uphold.


xoxo Jenna

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