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Where The Heck Did These Clothes Come From?!

I wanted to talk in this first blog about the business as opposed to fashion and styling, because I am just starting out and people don't know me yet. A question I get from almost every person is, did I design these clothes myself? The answer sadly is no. I wish I could say that I am that creative to design and create new trends on my own, but I am not a creator, I reinvent fashion with existing pieces. 

Well, if I'm not designing these clothes myself then where do these clothes come from? Boutiques typically use vendors called wholesalers. Wholesalers are individuals who design and sell their items for less than retail to retailers (like me) so that I may resell them for a profit (hopefully). These companies do not sell to the general public, and so you must be approved by each wholesale brand to be able to shop with them. 

Typically when you apply to a brand they will ask for your Tax ID number and your sales and use tax certificate to verify your status as a retailer. Once you register with a company they will typically verify you within 48 hours and then you can view their inventory and make purchases online. These vendors are present at trade shows and purchases and verification is done on the spot, but I typically found vendors through online searches. Trade shows often times post their upcoming vendor lists so it is easy to look up wholesalers attending without spending so much money to be there.

Some brands that sell wholesale are also retailers themselves. For instance, the brand Amuse Society sells to any individual that comes to their site, but if approved they also sell to other retailers. They offer retailers a lower rate, but usually attach a set price to these products (what they have it priced as). 

I chose to almost exclusively use wholesale vendors to be able to bring my customers items that they can't get otherwise. These vendors carry tremendous amounts of styles in their inventory, so I hope you guys know how many hows I look at computer screens of inventory to bring you the perfect things!

I hope you guys follow along with my journey to starting up my online clothing boutique, Honey and Creme, and as always confide in confidence.

Comment any future fashion topics or styling questions you want discussed in the next post!

xoxo Jenna

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